Rice Paper Background Title
Created July 28, 2001 ŠJo Skidmore

I was very envious of all the tutorial writers at FlyByNightGraphics who had come up with such wonderful seamless backgrounds. Soooo...I set out to create one of my very own (note the background). This is my first attempt (but not likely my last) and I have given myself a huge pat on the back because I think it came out really cool! I hope that you, too, will enjoy the outcome of this surprisingly simple tutorial.

Let's begin

This tutorial was written for PSP7. If someone can come up with a good alternative to the fur texture in PSP7, then it might be possible to do this in a previous version, but I have yet to figure an alternative out...sorry.
Besides PSP, you will need Paint Engine.

Open a new image 300x300.

Use the flood fill tool flood fill tool to flood the canvas with a color of your choice.

Next go to Paint Engine (Effects>Plug-in Filters>Fantastic Machines>Paint Engine)
Choose "Sparks" from the settings drop down menu
Paint Engine Settings
and then click apply.

If your Paint Engine doesn't seem to have the "sparks" setting then you will need to put the fmachine.ini file in your windows directory, i.e. C:\WINDOWS. If that file can't be found, you can download the zip file here. Unzip it and place it the windows directory.

We are going to apply one other filter and then we are almost done...Effects>Texture Effects>Fur. and apply these settings.
Fur Effects Setting
Click OK

And now to make it seamless...

Double click on the selection tool Selection Tool and use these settings.
Select Area Settings
Click OK

It's almost a seamless pattern. Can you believe how quickly this has gone!? Choose Selections>Convert to Seamless Pattern and a new canvas will pop up. This is your seamless pattern. We are done! Now save it with a clever name like I did - light blue rice paper.
Considering how quick these are to make, don't you think you deserve to make a few more?!

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